Collective Teacher Efficacy in Action

Questions for reflection
How do you collaborate with your colleagues to improve student learning?
How do you and your colleagues work towards shared goals?
Have you ever used a co-teaching model? Why or why not?
**this resource includes videos about the theory as well as videos about how it is put into practice in Quebec.

Digital resources for the CCBE Literacy courses

Questions for reflection:
What do you look for when seeking Adult Education friendly resources to use with your Literacy students?
Are you looking for resources that align with the Adult Education CCBE Literacy program?

note: This article highlights a website made by Literacy teachers in Adult Education specifically to use with students in Quebec Adult Education CCBE Literacy courses.

The Creative Commons: Dealing with copyright in the classroom

Questions for reflection:
Does it matter where we find the images, music, text, and other resources we share we with our students and peers? Why or why not?
Do you know where to find the best images for you and your students? Where is that?

note: A Creative Guidelines document is included at the bottom of this article, you can save it to refer to if you like!
note 2: The resources here can also be adapted to use with your students for teaching them about creating responsibly and avoiding plagiarism.