Starting in 2019, the RECIT began a new series of projects devoted to bringing teachers together to develop resources for their students.
This article talks about the results of these teacher resource projects.

The best way to develop resources for students is to ensure that their teachers are central to the creation process. Starting in January, 2019, teacher teams came together in order to develop digital resources to use in their classrooms but, as it turns out, that is not all they created! We are discovering that the process is proving instrumental in creating solid, teacher-centred, communities of practice. You can read more about that process in this article: Social Integration Teachers and the Creation of a Community of Practice.

Avi Spector is coordinating each of these projects and he is supported by Emilie Bowles. These resource teams will continue to expand and new ones will be added as needs arise.

The results of these projects are housed on different websites in order to to facilitate the sharing of the teachers’ work across the Adult Education network.

Teacher Resource Websites