Differentiating Assessment in Eng 1102-2 & across the Curriculum

Questions for reflection:
What does flexibility in assessment look like?
What are practical ways to differentiate our assessment practices and accommodate all students?

note: An assessment package for Eng 1102-2 is included in this article, along with suggestions for how to modify it for other subject areas.

Flexible Learning & Empathy

Questions for Reflection: 
For teachers:
Do you know how your students like to learn?
How do you balance student need with program need?
How can the classroom’s physical environment answer to both student and program need?
For administrators:
Do you know how your teachers like to learn?
How do you balance staff needs with program need?
How can a centre’s physical environment answer to staff, student, and program need?

Des pratiques d’évaluation flexible – à quoi peut ressembler l’évaluation dans une classe flexible?

Questions de Réflexion:
Comment évaluez-vous vos étudiants?
Comment pouvons-nous évaluer l’apprentissage lorsque les étudiants ont plus de choix dans leur apprentissage?
Comment vos pratiques d’évaluation répondent-elles aux besoins de vos étudiants?