Questions for Reflection: 
For teachers:
Do you know how your students like to learn?
How do you balance student need with program need?
How can the classroom’s physical environment answer to both student and program need?
For administrators:
Do you know how your teachers like to learn?
How do you balance staff needs with program need?
How can a centre’s physical environment answer to staff, student, and program need?

So how can I start with creating a flexible learning environment?

Video: Here is some advice from a principal who is going through the process of moving her school to a more flexible learning environment with her teachers. Rachel Wilson (Lester B Pearson School Board) says that empathy plays an important role.

Video: Here is Natasha Bellows, a teacher at Place Cartier Adult Centre, LBPSB, who is creating a flexible learning environment with her students:

But it is not ONLY about empathy. We need to balance this with the requirements of our programs and solid education principles like those held in Universal Design for Learning, that maintain the belief that all of our students can learn.

Adult Education Programs in Quebec: 


You can't just change the chairs...there needs to be a plan.

Learning resources for this tile were developed by Natasha Bellows (Teacher, LBPSB), Rachel Wilson (Principal, LBPSB), Gail Gagnon (Consultant, LBPSB), Avi Spector (RECIT Consultant, RSB), Tracy Rosen (RECIT Consultant, CSSMI), 2016/2017. Thank you!

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