Questions for Reflection:
What are different ways you offer variety and choice in the classroom?
Do you have an interactive white board in your classroom? How do you use it?
How can the role of the teacher change when we use stations?

What does it look like in a literacy classroom?

If you want to see what a stations approach to learning looks like in an adult education classroom, here is a glimpse into Lindsay’s literacy classroom. You can see how she incorporates a blended approach to learning that integrates small group instruction, meaningful use of the interactive white board, conversation-based learning, individualized activities, and the use of video for content attainment.

See how Lindsay Harrar’s students navigate through the stations in her multi-level Literacy classroom:

To go further: Read Avi Spector’s blog post about Lindsay’s classroom, including some of her planning notes:

Learning resources created by Lindsay Harrar (Teacher, RSB)Avi Spector (RECIT Consultant, RSB),  and Tracy Rosen (RECIT Consultant, CSSMI), 2016, 2017.

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