Recording lessons is not only good for your students – Daniel talks about how it has helped to reflect on his teaching as well.

Why reflective practice?

The more we think about how and what we teach the more we can ensure our teaching is aligned with our course goals, our students’ needs, and who we are as teachers.

For more on reflective practice, see this article from Vancouver Island University’s Centre for Innovation and Excellence in Learning: Definitions of Reflection

How can video help with reflective practice?

Daniel Afriyie talks about how he has used video recording to reflect on his practice and ultimately improve his teaching.

Video: Record your Lessons, Reflect on your Practice featuring Daniel Afriyie, Adult Education Math Teacher, Ville St Laurent, Quebec.

Daniel records his lessons. He doesn’t record his whole class, simply his lectures as he presents them on his SMART board. He uses his videos to reflect on his teaching.

Some highlights:

  • He talks about how recording lessons is just another way to share with your students
  • He points out that the recordings help him to modify the content of his lessons to be more relevant to his students
  • I love how he says that teaching is always a work in progress and you can start by recording and reflecting on small parts of your teaching and grow as you gain confidence
  • Note – this is a follow-up video to Daniel’s Story: Math 416 + Blended Learning, which is featured here.
  • Note 2 – Here is a blog post that features his video – How do you reflect on your craft?

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