Follow a sizable group of interesting educators on twitter and have at least 150 followers. Contribute regularly to the education Twittersphere.

You’ve made it. You are now an important voice on the Twittersphere. It wasn’t your goal per se… It just happened because you tweet relevant content, you are respectful of twittiquette, your followers appreciate your contributions thus getting your more followers. You are ready for the tough questions:

  • How do you know when you cross the ego-casting line? Do you have people who can tell you privately if you do?
  • Should you mix personal and professional tweets? Is there even a right answer to that question?
  • How do you measure the effects of your “professional tweeting” on your colleagues’ PD?
  • What advice would you give to new educators connecting to Twitter of their PD?
  • What reasons make you “unfollow” someone? Would others “unfollow” you for the same reasons? Why do they “unfollow” you (’cause some always do)?
  • Who do you follow and why? Are you a model for educators who are new to Twitter?