Understand & use most or all of the vocabulary pertaining to the Pedagogical Renewal, the CCBE or DBE programs and your field.

The source material to learn something like this is quite straightforward: the programs.

Following a workshop for beginners on either Common Core Basic Education or Diversified Basic Education programs should prove helpful.

These videos will help you get started with a few elements of Pedagogical Renewal lingo:

Essential Knowledge in a Competency-Based
Approach? Piece of Cake!
Avi Spector, 2:53, 2013
I Can’t Do It Without You : a Love Story
The EMSB Andragocial Team, 3:55, 2013
My First PD Steps Into the Reform:
Knowing the Program
Shanna Loach, 3:21, 2013
Carrefour FGA: Ok, not a video, but if you’re looking for all the Quebec adult education programs in one place, as well as several other useful resources, this is the spot .


There are several key concepts in the General Adult Education Pedagogical Renewal that need to be understood correctly in order to truly implement the programs the way they were intended.

Workshops are obviously not the only way to get this type of training anymore; videos, blogs, books and other resources can be just as valid. The idea behind this PD Tile is to make sure that a certain number of foundational concepts have been adressed, discussed, perhaps even debated. Here is a list of concepts that should

  • What is a competency
  • What are learning situations and their place in the curriculum
  • The purpose of broad areas of learning
  • The importance of operational or cross-curricular competencies
  • How mobilizing essential knowledge fits in a competency-based approach
  • Notions of constructivism and socio-constructivism
  • Plausible real life situations
  • Technology in support of competency development, not as a goal in itself

This is not a comprehensive list of key concepts of the Pedagogical Renewal, but if you are comfortable explaining these concepts to people outside of education, you can say you’ve met the challenge of this PD Tile.