Create a Twitter account and follow educators who have a lot to say. Lurk (it’s a good thing) and check out their tweets two or three times a week over at least a month.

Looking for some interesting educators to follow on Twitter? Here’s a list of people that should prove fruitful for your first exploration of using Twitter for your professional development:


@tomwhitby @InnovativeEdu @willrich45 @marcprensky
@edutopia @ShellTerrell @gcouros @stephenheppell
@alicekeeler @tracyrosen @a_spector @malalande

Check out who these people are following to get
other great leads on interesting educators all over the planet!


If you understand French, you’ll find these twitter educators very interesting as well:



You might enjoy this video on the basics of Twitter for your PD:

To Tweet Or Not To Tweet
Marc-André Lalande, 7:09, 201