Writing & talking about learning situations with colleagues is a great way to get a better understanding of them.

What is a Learning Situation?

Learning situations are the building blocks of learning for our students. In our new programs, learners are asked to use the skills they are learning in realistic contexts as they learn them. This is very different than presenting our students with a series of isolated activities to complete before they write a test.


Learning more about Learning Situations

Alexandria FGA is really the go-to place for learning situations. Here are some resources created by the Alexandria team:





What is a LES – Avi’s Take
Avi Spector, 3:46, 2013
What Makes an Effective Hook
The EMSB Andragogical Team, 2:32, 2013
The Learning Situation Pretenders
Claudine Castonguay, 4:08, 2013
 The Anatomy of a Learning Situation
Janie Lamoureux, 6:00, 2014

These videos are included in a collection of videos on Learning Situations  from the Alexandria website. There are more videos there.


Analysis and Appreciation of Learning Situations: this is a tool that helps to ensure that the learning situations you create are actually learning situations.

Analysis & Appreciation Tool (pdf)


How do I get started with writing my own Learning Situation?

The best way is to just… get started with your colleagues. Across the province, adult educators are all in the same boat – we need to use, adapt, and create learning situations that work for our classrooms.

Visit Alexandria FGA

Speak with your pedagogical consultant: They can help you out in this process and put you in contact with the DBE implementation consultant responsible for your subject matter.

Contact Tracy Rosen or Avi Spector for support in using technology in this process.