Question the current, prevalent evaluative practices (standardized testing, fixed date exams, teaching to the test, etc.)

Evaluation practices are hard to change for a number of reasons: tradition, school structure and organization, parents’ expectations, etc. Rethinking evaluation practices requires no only the ability to question everything we do as educators in order to assess learners’ progress and achievements, but also the openness to explore different avenues while resisting the “Yeah, but…” reflex. Luckily, several educators are exploring this very sensitive topic and can help us with research and their thoughts on the matter. Here is a short playlist and bibliography you might find helpful:


Alfie Kohn on Feel-Bad Education – Alfie Kohn / Beacon Press


Why are so many of our teachers and schools so succesful?
John Hattie / TEDx Talks at Norrköping

For more data, see John Hattie on Visible Learning.

A Chat with Marc Prensky: Assessment in the Ideal Classroom
Marc Prensky at the AQIFGA 2013 Conference
Evaluation – Marc-André Lalande / Pedagogical Quickies


Of course, rethinking evaluation doesn’t stop with reading a book or two or watching a few videos. Find some colleagues or pedagogical consultants that can challenge your views on evaluation. How would you describe the best evaluation practices in a 21st century setting. Share your thoughts.