Review the importance of encouraging learners to use a word processor whenever it is relevant to do so.

You understand that, while writing longhand is still useful in some instances, using a word-processor is simply the way the vast majority of texts are written today. The integrated spelling, grammar and review tools are not viewed as cheating for anyone that makes a living out of writing texts; why would it be otherwise for a learner? The possibility to move your ideas around on a page and not have to re-write everything as your text evolves is a benefit you prefer your learners have access to (no matter what you teach).

  • You can help your learners make more efficient pedagogical use of word-processing, whether it’s Word, Pages, Google docs, or other software.
  • You do not try to block or circumvent the various tools and functions of your learners word-processors; you encourage their use while helping your students stirke a balance between the efficient tools and the time-consuming ones.
  • You are very comfortable using word-processing yourself.

One can easily find several video and text resources to learn how to use word processing software (some free, some have fees). Here are a few :