The course Social Media & ME was designed and taught for the first time by Caroline Mueller, PhD in the Spring session of 2018 at Place Cartier Adult Education Centre of the Lester B. Pearson School Board.

Some students and an integration aide spoke about their experience in the course towards the end of the session. Here are some excerpts from those interviews with Tracy Rosen, RECIT Provincial Service to Adult Education.

Please note that this article is under construction, transcripts of the audio files will be available shortly. Thank you for your understanding!

“It’s interesting because we are learning new things, including when we learned to do coding.”


“Gaming, c’est vraiment un gros sujet pour moi…c’est ma vie.”


“It’s good to learn and express about social media… because this is the future. We always have to learn about it.”

“People shared their photos and their ideas…I got inspired from other students.”

“We shared photos of ourselves, where we travelled, our families…It was really interesting to see and learn about people’s lives.”


“Before, I didn’t really know how to represent myself, through speaking, with other people in the class. It’s really a change for me, it’s a really good experience for me.”

“The topics – like sports, gaming, and entertainment – all that is what I really like so it was easier to open up more in class.”


“Maybe everyone, a lot of people, see bad about social media. But if you actually learn about it, it can change your mind.”

“One thing I like about Social Media class is I can actually gain more knowledge about it and know what is good and what is bad.”


“It’s interesting that it is not only about the technology. It is about how, as human beings, we can relate to that and find a way to come back to the social skills because we are losing a lot of those social skills.”