Questions for Reflection
Have you considered any possible obstacles to learning in your milieu?
How are you setting the stage for equal access to learning … for everyone?

What is UDL?

Universal Design for Learning (UDL) is a set of principles that guide curriculum development and classroom instruction in order to reduce barriers to learning and provide equal access to learning for everyone. It is not a one-size-fits-all approach – it is based on flexibility.

from What is UDL? Visit this link to read more: 

Video: Making Sense of Universal Design for Learning from Alberta Education

What is flexible learning?

Flexible learning is a philosophy of learning that allows for more choice and engagement in the learning process. It is strongly based in empathy.

When flexible learning environments are designed within a UDL framework, we can ensure that our students have greater access to learning through choiceflexibility, access to resources, and a deeper understanding ofwhere they are in the learning process. Formative assessment and feedback are very important elements in this framework.

Flexible learning also includes technology, whether it be through online course work or digital options to access course content, to collaborate with peers, or to demonstrate learning.

Video: Cindy Finn talks about the role of technology today.

The learning environment also plays a large role in a flexible learning philosophy.

If we are going to allow learners to choose how they engage with their learning, we need to provide an environment that allows for this to happen. A flexible learning environment “provides opportunities for people to work together in new ways” (from

When flexible learning is done well there can be great benefits to learners in the areas of:

  • autonomy
  • academic success
  • greater collaboration
  • increased motivation

Additional resources

Avi Spector’s presentation on Transforming Classroom Spaces from #AQIFGA in Quebec, April 2017 (click on image to access the presentation).


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