Make innovative use of presentation software in such a way that it allows you to easily create elegant, clear, presentations.

At this level of presentation skills, software and delivery have very few secrets for you although you keep on improving and innovating. Whether you’ve developped your expertise through specialized training (in animation and voice coaching, for instance), experience coupled with feedback or raw natural talent, your presentations are recognized as some of the best work around in your field.

You know how to efficiently use a great variety of tools to create your presentations and even make very novel use of some of them.

You convey a concise message in a clear, rigorous, yet entertaining manner.


Here are some examples of masters of communication. Not all of them are using the deck of slides style and often have professional graphic artists working them, but one can learn from different aspects of communication from all of these communicators extraordinaire.


Daylight Saving Time – by CGP Grey
Grammar’s great divide: The Oxford comma – TED Ed
Electing a US President in Plain English – Lee LeFever / Common Craft
Changing Education Paradigms – Sir Ken Robinson / RSA Animate
What You Need to Know About Ebola – Hank Green / SciShow