Questions for reflection:

What are your students talking about in your classroom?
Is there a place for conversation in your math class?
Conversation can help develop all 3 competencies in the Diversified Basic Education Math program. How can you design opportunities for conversation about math into your learning situations?

How do we transform mathematical thinking in our students?

The simple answer? Through conversation!

Ayodele Harrison talks about the importance of conversation for long term memory. Conversation gets you thinking and what you think about, you remember! So it makes sense to create opportunities for conversation in math class in order to increase competency development for our students.

....your memory is not a product of what you want to remember or what you try to remember, it's a product of what you think about. (Daniel T. Willingham, Why don't students like school? p.41) + ...conversation is the natural way humans think together. In conversation we are remembering perhaps as much as we are learning. (Meg Wheatley, Turning to one another, p. 32) = The importance of conversation in math class.

In his video series, The 5 Building Blocks for Transforming Mathematical Thinking Through Engaging Conversations, Ayodele describes concrete ways to get students actively involved in their math learning.

Part 1: The Foundation

Part 2: Non-verbal reasoning

Part 3: Error Analysis

Part 4: Non-Routine Questions


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Learning resources created by Ayodele Harrison (Ayodele Harrison Consulting, Atlanta) and Tracy Rosen (RECIT Consultant, CSSMI), 2017.

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