Experience BYOD in your classroom for at least 10 months.

Saying “Got It” for this PD Tile means that you have…

  • allowed BYOD in your classroom for at least one school-year equivalent.
  • discussed the pros and cons with peers from within your School Board and outside of it.
  • taken a look every once in a while at the #BYOD conversations on Twitter.
  • understood how some important changes are likely to happen to programs and formal evaluation with instant access to content.
  • let the learners use their devices as they were designed to be used, not mainly for scholarly apps, exercises or games.
  • made your learning activities compatible for BYOD and non-BYOD learners alike. The students who don’t have tech of their own are not penalized by your choice of pedagogical material.
  • developped your own use of your own device.


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