Subscribe to YouTube channels and view videos for Professional Development.

According to, YouTube is the 3rd most visited website in the world. YouTube content has greatly evolved over the years and is now, among other things, an amazing source of thought-provoking videos. When you subscribe to a few channels, YouTube will send you a single weekly email showcasing some of the new videos posted on your favorite channels (you can also unsubscribe from the email service if you prefer not to receive it). It’s an easy and efficient way to stay up to date regarding various issues in education. Before you can say “Got It” for this PD Tile, you should watch at least two PD relevant videos from each of the following four channels:

TED Talks are not only about education, but even the talks that are about other topics are often very inspiring for educators. Hans Rosling, Sir Ken Robinson, Sugata Mitra, Susan Cain, Simon Sinek are just a few of the people who have paradigm-shifting ideas for us to learn from.
Edutopia’s goal is to document what works in education.
Marc-André Lalande offers pedagogical advice on several topics in a light-hearted, efficient manner.
The DevPro channel is a special project where the pedagogical advice of some of the top teacher trainers in Quebec is recorded and offered in short multimedia presentations. There are many topics to choose from and the videos are great conversation starters.

Of course, you can take things even further by sharing your favorite PD videos with colleagues.



The following are curiosity-satisfying channels. Though not specifically related to teacher PD,
some of the content you’ll find here can certainly be inspiring for teachers who flip their classes:



Crash Course



Smarter Every Day