Questions for reflection:
How are you helping yourself through a shift to learning situations?
What is changing in your practice? What is staying the same?

What does a change in practice look like in the classroom?

It can be easy to talk about changing our practice within the context of new teaching and learning programs butwhen it comes to the daily reality in our classrooms… change is a process!

Teddy Shulman is a teacher at the Pearson Adult and Career Centre of the Lester B. Pearson School Board. This video is about the shift to learning situations in his math classes and how change can bring on a certain amount of discomfort. He talks about how he works through this discomfort as he helps his students shift to competency development through learning situations.


Learning resources created by Teddy Shulman (Teacher, LBPSB), Shiela Sachdeva (Pedagogical Consultant, LBPSB), Avi Spector (RECIT Consultant, RSB),  and Tracy Rosen (RECIT Consultant, CSSMI), 2017.

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