Understand flipping a classroom as well as some benefits and limitations. Talk with others about the pros and cons.

The concept has evolved over time and is similar concepts are referred to with different names. These videos and other references can help you get a better understanding of the concept and of its potential.


Teaching for Tomorrow: Flipped Learning
Aaron Sams / GOOD Magazine, 2:52, 2012
Salman Khan: Let’s use video to reinvent education
Salman Khan / TED Talks, 20:26, 2011


Flipping Out… and In! part 1
Marc-André Lalande, 5:49, 2012
Flipping Out… and In! part 2
Marc-André Lalande, 11:03, 2013

This infographic by Knewton explains several elements of the flipped classroom.


Wikipedia Entry on Flip Teaching Flip Your Classroom
Jonathan Bergmann, Aaron Sams
ISTE / ASCD, 2012