What is Blended PD?

It is based on the concept of Blended Learning, which combines online learning with classroom learning:

“Blended learning is the thoughtful integration
of classroom and online learning that aims at
taking the best advantage of the strengths of
the two learning modes. Classroom activities
must support online activities and vice versa
for the full potential of blended learning to
be realized.”

from 10 facts You Need to Know about Blended Learning by Contact North 

If you translate this definition to professional development, you get Blended PD. Integrating online resources into professional learning can allow us to change up how we do professional development because professional learning is no longer tied to a person at the front of the room delivering information. It uses technology to support teacher autonomy around their own learning.

Video: This short presentation talks about different ways we can organize professional learning with the help of online resource centres like PD Mosaic.

Learning resources for this tile were developed by Tracy Rosen (RECIT Consultant, CSSMI), 2018. 

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