Type with a certain level of ease (20 WPM+).

Why is typing important? How does this relate to teacher PD? The vast majority of written communication is done on some sort of keyboard now and has been for some time, actually. If typing is an elaborate, complicated, fastidious thing for someone, it most certainly affects that person’s efficency in an important number of professional development endeavours.

This first level of Typing Along means you can type with a certain ease even if you are looking at the keyboard relatively often. You’ve gone beyond the two-finger typing with your shoulders hunched on the keyboard. Mind you, some people are relatively efficient with a two-finger style. If you feel you’re one of those, go ahead and recognize yourself this skill! The main idea here is that your typing speed has evolved over 20 words per minute.

You can check your speed at TypingTest.omTypeOnline.co.uk10fastfingers.com or any number of other tools. There are just as many tools, online and client, that can help you improve your typing skills, but there’s really no other way around it than putting into practice often.