Why Virtual Reality in the Classroom?

Pheleshia Hudson, teacher at Sir Wilfred Laurier School Board in Quebec talks about how she was inspired by the potential of Google Cardboard to add relevance to her classroom.

While students could use Virtual Reality (VR) to see things they may not otherwise be able to see, Pheleshia was more interested in the creative potential of VR for her students. She teaches a multi-subject, multi-level classroom and was intrigued by the potential of Virtual Reality to add to the personalized nature of her classroom. As she says in the video below, VR is just a tool, it is not the curriculum, and her job is to make the curriculum shine through the tool for her students – regardless the subject matter or their level.

She and her students talk about some of the benefits as well as the challenges of using Virtual Reality and Google Classroom in their classroom.




This article was written by Tracy Rosen. The video was created in the Winter of 2019 by Joanne Salvagio, RECIT Regional Service to Adult Education.

A special thank you to Pheleshia and her students at CDC Vimont of the Sir Wilfred Laurier School Board for sharing their classroom story.

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